Bangladesh goes Polio-free

Bangladesh and 10 other countries of WHO’s South East Asia Region are certified as polio-free on 27 March 2014 in New Delhi, India. As per established global strategies, the Government of Bangladesh has taken all necessary steps and has maintained polio free status since 2007. Various development partners and NGOs have supported the polio eradication programme. Strong commitment from healthcare personnel, volunteers and communities have been the major pillars for the polio success in Bangladesh.

MDR-a cause of concern!

TB control programme has made significant success by Go-NGO collaboration since DOTS introduced in 1993. But the current efforts to detect, treat and cure patients are not sufficient. An estimated one third of TB cases continue to remain unreported.

Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh takes charge as Regional Director

Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh takes charge as WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia Region from 1 February 2014. She was elected by the 11 Member States of the Region in September 2013 and subsequently appointed by the WHO Executive Board at its 134th session in January 2014. Dr Khetrapal Singh is an Indian national and the first woman to hold this post.

WHO offers psychosocial support to collapsed building victims

Disasters cause a great deal of psychological sufferings of victims. Some of the psychological sores never heal and remain as a lifetime companion for the disaster victims.

Therefore the national response should be efficient in alleviating the psychosocial distresses of the people affected by disasters--be it man-made or natural.

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